A week in her presence

She said that instead of her visiting she told me to come to her.

I was surprised and happy, uncertain and anxious. I asked my parents for a ride, they were on vacation anyways and headed to the island, it was like Mistress knew that the time was right to come so I packed and prepared.

When I walked through her door I was nervous and excited N led me to the couch and said to sit and relax while we waited for you to come down the stairs to the living room.

You are more beautiful in person than how I had seen you on your profile in what you have posted. My Gaurdian Angel Mistress 💕

You have always led me truly and through stuff we both know about but are for us alone. Thank you Mistress for requiring me to get clean and stay clean for a year before I could be with you and the requirement to stay clean. Drugs have been a large part of my life, mostly hard stuff. I only want to be who you want me to be and am…yours.

Some day I’d like you to leave a mark on me that stays more visible than the one on my 💓