Progress on moving

Looks like I have found a place to live when I get to the coast. Thankfully it sounds like I’ll have a lot in common with the people in the house and my listening to music most of the time won’t be something that is unusual there. Tentatively some time in December I will be moving to the new house, with 3 other people to interact with on a daily basis. All of them into the same kinds of computer fields I am in so it’s almost like it’s time to make the move soon.

Right up until V called I was anxious about not having a place…music helped

There are so many factors on both ends of the move mean that everything will have to be taken into account from moving vehicle to what I am bringing. The talking with the other roommates as well and packing and when I can arrange to do it will happen, although I have already started more will need to happen.

One more move, is it the last?

Will the move be my last? Will I remain there for as long as it takes? I believe I’ll be there as long as it takes, without heartbreak or mistakes that lose me what I have found in you Mistress. You have brought me to a place I have only hoped to find. I want to explore it with you if you consent to it.