Poly family

This is new territory for my. Being owned and introducing myself to the group…how do I fit in?

First and foremost I am hers, whole person, mind body and soul. Last night he messaged me about something that I can’t believe he asked, he wanted to hold my keys to my cage.

It really should not be from Mistress’s sub regardless of what relationship I have with her and her with him, it felt like a Dom reaching where they are not allowed.

I know the hurt it caused, it came as a shock rereading it several times before I knew what to say.

I’m hers, she holds the key, if you were permitted to hold it, that would be like separating the key from her, as a tangible link between me and her feels horrific, that he is also owned by Mistress means it would be a stretching of the link.

Trust first between all of us, I know may be in the beginning stages but I do trust each of the other individuals in this poly family. Learning how I believe is in communication between us all.

Yes I know that not everything is going to be easy, more information shared between each other should help ease into what in front of me, US.