How I express my submission

I express my submission in several ways…

In the bedroom, by always giving you pleasure before my own. You are precious to me and you deserve to be treated with respect and as such your needs before my own. I like to tease and bring you to orgasm many times before allowing myself to enjoy the release because I know that you are worth it.

When in your home, through service, doing what needs doing so that you don’t have to. The idea is that you should be treated as a princess, there is nothing that you ask of me be it cleaning toilets or the vacuum cleaner or just bringing you coffee on my knees prepared as requested. I am yours. I feel validated serving you in whatever way you desire because you are who you are.

When I am away from you of course I am eager to put on the cage because it protects what is yours, the feeling of the cage on me akin to you holding me gently until its time for you to remove the cage. I am yours and gladly do all these things, honored to be yours.

I also like it when you flog me and use your dragons tongue on me because I feel its kiss like a welcome touch, yes I’m a pain slut and can feel the emotion expressed in each touch. I miss that touch. I know my safe words and know you haven’t broken me yet, but look forward to the day you do if ever Mistress.

I also express my submission through my writing because you ask it of me. I am happy to write. Have even started a blog because you said I could. It’s good to learn WordPress better and I am definitely learning it now lol.