Waiting for tomorrow…

So I’ve paid rent for December in the new home, now to wait for the moving day. I know that it’s pretty close. I’m calm and regardless of the fact that I’m heading there I am feeling content with my decision. It feels like I have the rest of my life in front of me and rather than being anxious which in the past I have been I am looking forward to this move.

You have given me a plan Mistress and I know that you are waiting for me at the end of it. So I will wait for tomorrow, the tomorrow to come that I return to you. I remember an excerpt from a poem that I feel describes our relationship, ‘Two points of a compass apart yet drawn together’, which describes what we are going through. I will return soon. In one of our tomorrows that we share together every day.

I only wish that tomorrow were today. I feel your pull to be there with you and it’s the comfort of your voice and the feeling of your hands on me when I do as you ask and cage myself for you, to protect what is yours. It is not a punishment but you holding the gift I have for you.

Yes I am caged everyday because I’m not there for you, I know that when I arrive you will take it off me and enjoy having me with you again. You are important to me Mistress and I can’t wait to be with you again.