The long and short of it

Sometimes people should leave things alone. Today I was asked something I had not expectations that someone not part of an event have any reason to ask or judge it based on a simple description. Supported by text saying how much they enjoyed the experience.

The problem with people from outside judging what happened as consensual or not ultimately only those there know exactly what happened, but the impairment of the pair of us really is why it’s better not to be drinking and playing. Some results are not expected especially when the host indicates that they had fun should be enough for an answer.

How it came up I have no clue but I guess leaving is best, I was no longer part of the group that has said that what was done was unacceptable, but they weren’t there. There in the group, unacceptable actions have happened to me and is why I am not part of the group anymore.

Some friendships are best treasured as they are while you have them. Enjoy the good memories not the bad. I wish that this group of friends had remembered that it has always been SSC with our play. By negotiation it came out the way all expected that day.

SSC or safe sane consentual. As negotiations can be for any number of reasons things are included. By his own request what he needed were provided. That is all, yes he consented to everything. Is it not better to describe what’s going on before actions rather than being taken by surprise? Everything was laid out before anything else.

Well in any case it’s been 3 months in which time he could have told us that he didn’t have a good time but truly he thanked us for having fun with him.