The worries of family

Today I had breakfast with my parents. They are concerned with my choice to move. Understandably as it’s a new place, new people and not all personalities always mesh with mine but hopefully my time in the new place will be mostly filled with time spent with my poly family. I haven’t told biological family about the polygamous nature of this new chapter of my life and that concerns me. Will they be as supportive as Mistress’s biological family are ? Maybe but only one way to find out.

I’m still not ready to explain the dynamics of what we are in to them, nor did I explain the dynamics of Mistress Deb’s part in my life. Yes I keep things vanilla with family because I want them to accept my choices as rational and well thought out decisions. For a family so involved in the church and everything they know I have gone through I don’t feel comfortable letting them in. The only people I feel comfortable sharing my journey with are those on it with me.

Their concerns are potentially warranted, I don’t normally deal well with confrontation and there is a potential for confrontation in the new setting with other roommates which in the past one is plenty for me, hopefully with three it won’t be problematic. Situations are different from before, people are different and it’s up to me to rise up to meet this challenge with grace and honesty. I don’t like to fight, or argue. If something needs doing I like to get at it right away.

With all the changes I hope that what comes will be good for me, a healing relationship with Mistress and her subs seems like a good way to start, and to continue. My heart is with you Mistress and I hope to be there soon.