The best part of getting hit

What do I mean there’s a best part of getting hit?

Well it’s simple really, it feels good. Yes getting the shit kicked out of you is situationally good. Consent my friends is everything, without it the good disappears like vapor in the wind.

As a pain slut the idea of being hit really gets me eager, normally. No not always but in the play I enjoy it’s always about pleasing the Domme playing with me, however I can. The impact play feels like kisses on my skinI absorb the energy and return it in how I respond.

Endorphins being released, allowing emotions to flow, increased heart rate and in the best impact sections I am able to reach subspace, the goal of every sub. It’s my preferred place to drink in the kisses and love shared with me, desires fall away, worry and all else just drops away in the bliss while Mistress touches me in any way she wishes. I am her canvas to paint with red, blue and purple.

In conclusion, the best part about getting hit is knowing that I am loved.