Rain rain go away 💦

Stupid rain Sheesh.

Really do prefer snow. Can make snowmen, snow forts and snowballs 😈 hehehe. Yah I’ve a little bit of little in me but I think I am getting a little bit of a cold or I’d be outside pudding and splashing in the puddles.

It’s interesting that many of us have bits and pieces of many different kinks and fetishes in each of us. If you check out my Fetlife profile you’d see what I mean. While I’m writing this I’m snuggling with my stuffies, Kubo under my arm and Nelly next to me, music playing in my headset because it makes me feel better.

Not everyone understands this, I’m glad you do Mistress 💕 and happy that you do. I don’t know how I could be this lucky that you found me.