Lately I’ve been wondering what it would be like to be permanently marked by Mistress that I’m hers.

I mean I know that I’ve seen someone else who was branded as someone’s sub. The pain is irrelevant really. Heck I’ve branded myself before and it really doesn’t hurt. I’ve been disciplined before and that fucking hurt, not a good hurt and I wound up in tears which is unusual for me.

Truthfully I’d rather a tattoo to a brand if it came down to it but would definitely submit to either if that is your desire Mistress. You did mention that you like the idea of an eternity collar better but you haven’t collared me yet so I’m unable to even guess if or when you may do so.

Right now it doesn’t matter, we have time and once I’m home with you Mistress it won’t matter. I know that I am yours truly. Something that shows that I am owned is relevant only when I’m not with you as I am now. I do look forward to your collaring me as it felt good last time I was collared.

Time will tell, and we have time for us when I get home on Friday. Even more than that, we have until we draw our last breaths to continue to grow together. I am yours Mistress.


  1. Your not the first to bring up the idea of permanent marks.

    Personally I think it’s a bad idea. If things ended you would be left with the marks, where a collar can come off.

    Never say never, but for me it’s something I’m uneasy with. My life has shown me nothing is set in stone. People leave, or grow appart, or stay but do nothing because they don’t want to be the one to end it and push you to do so because they are cowards. Yeah, marks are terrifying when permanent

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    • I understand this, it’s also why I included tattoos in the post, it’s far less permanent but I respect that you aren’t a fan of permanent marks Mistress.

      I was just thinking about them because I saw someone on FL who was given one. Everyone is different, and what I’m comfortable with is obviously not the same as what you are comfortable with.

      As we grow in our time close to each other we may or may not decide something or not but I will always leave the decision in your hands. I am yours Mistress.


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