We all want

We all want our fantasies to become a reality. It’s understandable, sometimes noble even but in the end of the day when we had had our last sip of coffee and packed away our work life to return to home life we still have ourselves, our partners, family and friends and do we know how that fantasy affects them? Do we know when to turn off the fantasy viewer and come back to the real world and deal with the little and big things or do we continue to attempt to embrace it, to make that fantasy into reality for the rest of us?

Some of us have realistic ones, goal even that help each other. Give food and shelter to those who have not. I know that this may sound jaded but too many of us don’t know how to make a difference. I believe that if we can help one person even if it’s doing the lawn, or shovelling the snow, bake some cookies for someone then maybe these small things can make our world a better place.

I just finished a movie where someone said “use your power to protect those who have none”. That is a noble goal, to help those less fortunate or those in need. Everyone knows someone who is in need wether they realize it or not.

Maybe it’s time to not worry about our fantasies and to worry instead about what we can do for one another. To much of the time the haves talk from the havenots and that’s not a good world, it’s a corrupt world and I would love to see one where a helping hand to those in need was the norm.

Now I know this is alot to ask of many but maybe we can start with helping one at a time and with enough ones and another and another we could eventually have a better place to raise our children, families and build up a safe better world. I know that it’s a big world but maybe I should write this and know that it would never happen. Maybe all this is just fluff but I do know that someone helped me once, picked me up from a place where I thought was not possible to return from and it meant that I was able to use my voice as one man to say this whether or not anyone will listen but I’m still here and you are still able to read this.

I challenge you to help those who need it, to reach out your hand and help someone up. It’s not a big challenge but a noble and righteous one that will help you hopefully become a better you. Best wishes in your endeavors to do so.