Just about home

Almost everything is packed, just food, towels and shampoo to pack away and then the computer. I’m ready for my next step in life, is Mistress?

We have been waiting for a long time, both of us. She found me, knew what I was, who I am and it just feels right. No question in my mind that it’s meant to be, I have been searching for many years for the one who could see me, and take away all the crap I’ve been through and find the treasure that I had no idea was hidden inside me and pull it to the surface.

In two days we will see each other again, finally. Away from all the garbage I’ve had to deal with. Away from the drugs and alcohol. Away from the uncertainty in my life and back into the light that she shines out from her. I’ve never felt so lucky to have you in my life Mistress.

I know that some stuff is still uncertain, but I know that we can face it together. You have always led me true. I see a bright future, full of exploring and discovery. Tomorrow is going to be a better day, and the next even better. For better or worse we can face it together. I am yours Mistress and the only place I want to be is next to you on our journey.