Yesterday 😈

Appointments got done, then the drive along the coquihala commenced. It was snowing off and on and there were lots of amazing sights from waterfalls along the way to snow covered landscape.

The road cleaner was out slowing traffic as it spread out across both lanes but they did great work, making sure there was no black ice so we were thankful for their service.

When we got out of the mountains we were treated to two eagles flying overhead, I think they were fishing in the Fraser River. Then I saw the suspension bridge and was stunned by its wow factor.


It was the first one of several we traveled on and I was reminded of X-Men Last Stand where Magneto moved the end of the bridge to get to Alcatraz Island, thinking oh this could be bad…yes I had dropped into little space and had to remind myself that it was only a movie.

When we were trying to get to my new place we were relying on Google but Google messed up and got us lost or at least turned around. They really need to add which lane you need to Google maps so people know which lane they need to get to their destination…but not yet. In any case we did get to our destination. We unloaded then were back on the road again. Mistress was expecting me.

Getting to home really was easier than our first destination. Google started actually working for us better after I gave Google shit about poor directions and the app began behaving better. Dad finally got to meet Mistress which I’m thankful for. It was a short meeting, and then it was our time to enjoy our thrupple.

We had a lovely meat lasagna and drinks which were unimportant. I had stuff I brought for Mistress so we went upstairs and I began to unpack all the goodies. I brought a stockade, signal whip, crop and lots of rope. Some wrist and leg restraints, a charger for a toy I had previously brought and handcuffs.

After trying out the stockade Mistress said it was time to play. Rather than the stockade I was told on to the bed face down and she proceeded to do the impact play I had become used to wow with both the green flogger which was so fantastic thuddy and the dragon tongue. Spoon and spatula all of which culminated with bite mark on my ass and the pinwheel that felt like fire which was amazing.

After the first scene I was told to manage taking pictures with N’s phone. Mistress wants to bottom, Mistress gets what she wants. N topping Mistress was hard for me because I’m not good letting go my fierce protective desire but I’m a good boy and snapped pictures throughout her scene.

When her scene was over I was called to the bed and we continued to please her both N and I, giving her everything Mistress desired.

This is why I know that this is home for me. A pain slut’s heaven, by Mistress’s side and able to give her what a year and a bit more in the waiting. Her subs with her in a loving poly dynamic able to attend to her and her desires and ours. I hope that this never ends and only evolves into a place where we are able to anticipate, reciprocate and live in harmony.