Omg I had no idea I had this much crap. Yes crap. I really need to downsize my collection of stuff. I still haven’t gone through all my boxes and bins and I know I’m still missing stuff I want to use now rather than later.

I am glad that I got a start on it but tomorrow I’ll get more unpacked, hopefully I’ll find what I’m looking for eventually. The room is nice and quiet and I put independence on because hey why not enjoy some low cost entertainment?

The transit adventure was uneventful, I managed to chat with a worker who assured me that the SkyTrains are good to go, no worry about them stopping again. Now it’s just a matter of time before I get used to using them.

When I decided to move I didn’t think I should downsize, now I’m wishing I had sold or thrown away at least 2 bins worth of stuff. It’s too late now, now it’s going to be whittle it down one box at a time. At least I can bring something from here to Mistress. I know that she likes shoes. 🐧😁🐾