Out walking

Well as the time of day is becoming darker and darker as December has arrived and is making me aware more about the time of year we are in and the closeness to x-mas and the sun disappears earlier in the day I wonder alot how I have begun to miss the sun shining down and why I had to wait until I was jonesing for java more than ever to go for a walk.

I chose my nearest Starbucks which is only 600m from my bed and am actually writing while I enjoy my Christmas blend dark roast coffee.

It’s really good 😋

Wish I had brought my coffee pot but I’m sure it doesn’t matter. As I was walking I had started off caged, but as the meters progressed pieces of the cage detached and slid down my legs to land on the sidewalk.

Oh no!!! It wasn’t supposed to do that, and I really should have worn a thong to keep it in my pants but didn’t. Time for some negotiation on attire while caged. I just want to do as asked of me. There is alot of New Westminster that I haven’t seen yet and at least Google knows where to go for both coffee and my bed as well as Mistress home.

How soon will I be called back? I know that it’ll be soon, I believe Wednesday but time will tell. I love you Mistress 💕