A comparative study

A comparison of Alice in Wonderland and A Charlie’s Brown Christmas.

Charlie Brown truly is a heart warming tale, of how a depressed boy finds the true meaning of Christmas it is just a commercial holiday at least for many anyways of course the birth of Christ, if you believe.

Now take Alice in Wonderland, quite a bit of a fantastic take on how one person can make a difference if given a chance. They offer a similar story of course of redemption of a sort but I give it to Alice, truely a fine story and encouragement for exploring and discovery.

I try to discover new things everyday but I fail alot but not today, I discovered a new favorite anime show lol and watched all six episodes start to finish. Yes I try to encourage the little in me when I can’t nurture pain slut in me.

Do you have any idea why a Raven is like a writing desk?

Yes well I guess this isn’t much of a comparison I suppose, but if you have a choice between the two I recommend Alice in Wonderland over A Charlie Brown’s Christmas.


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