Christmas time

Tiss the season of giving, the time when light disappears from the sky so early in the day. Time for hot cocoa and tobogganing and cutting down Christmas trees to decorate or setting up a fake one to avoid the mess. It’s also a depressing time as well. Time that I can’t spend with my kids and time to reflect on all that has gone on for me throughout my year thus far.

I am still trying to decide what to get for gifts for both Mistress and N. Do I get something kinky for her or something vanilla so it doesn’t confuse the kids. Do I get N something for his vape or something that is a kinky item because in all reality both could use something meant for couples.

Well thinking about what would be good is something that really should have some input…time to ask what kinds of things would be good.

Instead of worrying about what to get I will focus on maybe what I can do for Mistress and N, like cleaning when is needed, doing garbage and recycling but really I believe that being a good partner means communication regardless of service or stuff, being there when I am needed or wanted.

I love you both Mistress.


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