Diabetic problems

For me I have only one diabetic problem, low blood sugar. I used to also have a second problem, too high sugar levels. I have been a diabetic since I was 14. I spent one month in the hospital at that time. I went stir crazy, spent too much time watching tv in the lounge there in Penticton. It meant that I had time to rage on about how unfair it was.

Since moving back to BC I have spent time with my nephew who uses an insulin pump. In both our cases it offers an ideal solution to this problem we share. I wish I had the money to afford to get one but for $3000 just for the pump and the fact that I still need a job to get there from here is daughting and will require me working.

I used to have a good thing with work, then diabetic episode after episode meant that I have had to rely on my disability cheques to support myself. There is no more options that I know of that would allow me to get a pump.

Because I had another episode today I bought a few solutions for myself, dex4 tabs

Fast sugar

I wish I had still had some when I visited Mistress, the uncertainty of what to do for her would hopefully have been a non issue. I know that we have talked about lows and what to do. Instead of explaining again I will post here about what to do…reach into my pocket for some or have one bottle of dex4 on hand. Tell me to take some or just feed me at least one but probably 2 or 3 if I’m low enough that I’m acting unwell. Yes Mistress you know what I mean.

What you did today worked and thank you Mistress for taking the crazy out of my behavior by ordering me to sit and eat some food. I don’t want to put you through it again, I will always do what you tell me to do. It’s a real issue when I am low, there have times when I have climbed ladders and all while wearing a blanket. Yes that is a memory from when I was 17 years old.

I love you Mistress and just want to keep you happy, I know that my behavior today definitely didn’t make me happy. I know that you said that it’s ok, but it’s not ok to me. I don’t like it when I get like that. One in a year and a half is one time too many.