Finally friday, atlast there are thoughts of play, heartfelt discussions about safety for kids and Mistress. It’s natural to feel scared about something that another has control over, and has failed to be on the ball 100% of the time but I hope to get better you you Mistress and myself. I got the Dex4 so that I have a backup source of sugar for the scary times and I know that you are uncertain if I can keep on an even level to be able to do what we have talked about.

It scares me too. When I used to do garbage for a small town with my own kids in the back seat I always checked my sugars before driving, it’s normal to be concerned as a driver about healthy driving and being in the right both body and headspace to drive any vehicle, and not just for diabetics. Yes admittedly diabetics need to be doubly sure that their levels are in good order before driving and after driving, while driving. This is why it is so important to have Dex4 on hand or some other safety food like honey or eat before driving because no one wants to be too low to drive and then hit someone or something and hurt the ones that you love.

I have made promises to you Mistress that I will always check when you tell me to, day or night. I always keep my promises, and do check more often than I used to because you expressed concern for my well being and so yes I check more often and I checked before walking to Starbucks for a fantastic Grande Dark Roast. My sugars were at 12.2 which for the time of day and the planned walk they were good, and I will check again now to see how the walk affected me. Well after the walk sugars landed in a sweet spot…6.2 so time to eat some food and get ready for a possible trip, and possible no trip as everything is up in the air sometimes.