The first

Yes I’m having my first coffee of the day. I’m also having my first day where I feel like I have learned something about myself that actually makes sense at least as far as growth. Yes waiting to be with you Mistress has in the past been tough but in the few days that I was desperate I found my self worth, resilience and know that we are still together in this.

Regardless if I am next to you or an hour away, I am still yours and nothing has changed other than the way I perceive us. We as a truple are a strong unit. Yes we struggle sometimes but as we lean on each other we are strong.

The wishing that living arrangements are different is something other friends have dealt with and shared how and what they did. We aren’t them and have different things that we deal with but it’s the same situation, different place and different people. If they can come through it so can we.

It’s interesting to note that as much as I am looking forward to seeing my parents on the 27th for supper with Mistress I feel like I still don’t know what to tell them about our relationship. I guess asking Mistress is the best way to find an explanation that doesn’t sound like we are nuts or at least off our rockers in doing what we do.

First though I need to actually figure out what I personally describe our relationship. I’m sure more will be written about it later but for now I will enjoy my coffee and tunes.

Christmas blend dark roast with 3 cane sugars, nutmeg, cinnamon and cream

Happy holidays everyone 🐧🐧🐾