Fraptious day

Yes to take a line from a movie perhaps today is Fraptious day, of course there are no Jabberwockies to kill and I’m most certainly not Alice but I also don’t have a Vorpal sword so really it doesn’t much matter about those things as I don’t have potions to make me shrink and cake to make me grow bigger. I believe I am just the right size as I am. I know too big or too small and I wouldn’t fit into anything I own.

The lessons learned from Alice in Wonderland are to be true to yourself and to keep exploring as far as is possible. I used to use the movie to entertain my three boys but lately it has been my bedtime story of choice as it helps me relax, the world can be a crazy insane world at times and sometimes it is just how we perceive it that makes it so and maybe it is all in our heads. Maybe I am half mad to say this and perhaps I am or maybe Absalom was right about it…being true to yourself is important to be.

Mistress was right too. I needed to figure out how to be her submissive while living an hour or so away from her, my blood sugars right for myself and her and maintain them through diligence and more testing to ensure steps could be taken to correct any imbalance to keep me on an even keel, better able to control myself and better able to judge what is actually going on around me. No more falling all over myself or making excuses, addressing problems as they arrive because one day they may and do and no one can solve problems if they are off their rocker…and I don’t even have a rocker yet.

So yes enjoy a splendid Fraptious day and please do get some futterwackening in if at all possible. With this I retire to bed and may you all have a splendid day.