The breaking open

It all started innocently, Mistress called and I answered. Then she started talking, nothing sexy or about anything in particular and then I felt it.

The cage broke open I’m to wear when not around her. I put it back together as we continued to talk. Then I felt a pinch. I checked again, sure enough it’s open again. As we talk I continued to reattach the cage as it strains to be free. Three times while on the phone MR I get hard when you speak in my ear tries to free himself from his confinement and three times I reattach the cage.

When we hand up it’s quite obvious what’s going on, he wants her, as does the rest of me. Use the purple beast Mistress tells me. Being a good sub I obey. With the purple beast lubed up in he goes for ten minutes. Finally MR I get hard when you talk in my ear relaxes enjoying the masturbation of my prostate in and out again and again. Falling out several times before a little bit of cum discharges into the thong I have on.

To seal up the discharge from the masturbation I slip in the jeweled plug. The ache of longing returns to the constant normal desire. Only a few more days before we meet up for Christmas. The plug a reminder that I am loved and will see you soon Mistress. Thank you for calling Mistress.

💖 I love you and I am starting to realize that you call me on purpose. You know how much your voice affects me. You also know how I respond to your voice. Thank you for allowing me to use the purple beast Mistress. I am yours.