I’m pleasantly surprised

So after deciding that checking out Fetlandia what is going on I discovered that January will have a Munch for all us kinky people to get together at Boston Pizza in New Westminster. There’s more, someone has a discord BDSM server where like minded people can get online and chat and share pictures, videos and make connections in the Vancouver area.

It appears that for awhile there was a lack of munches in the area which surprised me. There are lots of kinky people around on Fetlandia and my one question I had before moving was what do you mean there aren’t any munches? This was only a few days after I left one myself.

Yes normally I am quite active within the community writing, commenting on things and participating like the fox hunt at Myra Canyon adventure park and to see a lack being rectified brings a smile to my face. It’s not just the coffee making me happy today.

Grande Christmas blend dark roast sooooo yummy 😋

Hope that I’m not the only one excited about meeting new people or catching up with old friends and acquaintances. Maybe I will see you there at the Munch. Happy holidays 😈