Fluid bonding

For those who don’t know how it works it is something that happens while having sex. Yes it is a thing.

For people who have STIs it can be complicated. More so for those without. As something I regularly do for the safety of everyone involved in the relationship I get tested regularly. So far based on results I have no STI.

What is the problem them? The problem is that in the last week of her life she told me that her ex husband, who she hadn’t been with for 6 years had maybe given her HPV or the human papillomavirus which apparently 80% of people have and is vaccinated for in high school in Canada. Are there tests for men to see if they have it? No.

Do I take the word of a person who died before she could give me closure? Or even think I have something that only produces warts in men and possibly of cervical cancer in women? For someone who was as sexually active as her if she was using condoms or not the test should let us know if there is anything to worry about. Clean is clean Mistress. I don’t believe that the concern is unwarranted but if there was a chance that I carry it you’d already have it. You know that. The test is a test you requested, you received the results.

If you don’t want something more and brakes are on then you need to decide what you want to do. I have already told you that I don’t believe I have an STI. The test agrees with me. Is there anything else you would like? We can’t live in fear of the boogeyman, there are lots out there but not in your house.