Sweet love

Mistress and I both love chocolate, yeah as a diabetic it’s a juggling feat but it doesn’t change my love of chocolate and Mistress and santa both brought chocolate for her sub who as always during Christmas I am really depressed. With no reason.

Thank you Mistress for the presents, and that you got a bed big enough for all of us. Why you would think that you are not enough for me I don’t know but I know that you have been doing lots to help me fit in. I know it is difficult moving. I thought I had gotten used to it but it can be quite challenging. Uncertainty and new things like transit can compile a desperate need for 24/7 where without it felt like being alone.

I know that you are still with me even when we’re an hour away. Our bond stretches but hasn’t broken. I know that I am yours Mistress.💓

Grande Dark roast with cream, nutmeg and cinnamon to make a yummy treat. 😋