Coffee time

There’s something to be said for coffee first thing in the day. All the worry and overthinking things disappears when the first gulp goes down and the next. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Yeah I practically live on coffee. The fact that Starbucks is a mainstay for me I blame Dad on lol.

On my way here I let my little self out to play, yes I have been playing Pokemon on my phone. Caught one before I fastened the cage.

Does the cage prevent me from playing with my Mistress’s cock? Of course it does, it feels like she’s holding it in her hands. It doesn’t reduce the amount I want to put it in someone, but it does keep me from doing stuff that I know would jeopardize our relationship.

My earlier post was quite specific about turn-ons and so regardless of where I am I like that I have at least a preventative measure in place. What would change my situation where I’m not questioning how everything is going? I don’t know but I do know that I am yours Mistress.

Short of you telling me that I’m no longer yours I will continue to be faithful.

Yes ok I question if I am doing what you want me to. How much stress you have when I say that the connection doesn’t feel as strong as I would love it to be. Everything takes time invested on both from both.

It’s not a rush the gates, but sometimes I wish you would. It would be completely out of character for you Mistress and that I accept. You are worth the wait, not for sex or impact but for everything you have to do with me.