Musings today

Well watching Alice always seems to bring stuff to mind. The impossibility of knowing what to do to not want more than what Mistress can handle.

Yes she’s a person too so sometimes, rather often lately I’ve commented on wanting X when y is offered. I know that asking is the only way you’ll know that I desire something. Yes I know that you do as well at times. Is it that I don’t get to experience this as often? I don’t think so.

The desire to have impact play is a constant for me and I have begun to really enjoy your green flogger Mistress. I’ve also enjoyed your sensual touch especially when we were having dinner with my parents, it was next to impossible to respond to your touch so hard to not give away that what you were doing was arousing me succinctly. I wanted to make love to you on the table in front of us in the restaurant regardless of my parents in front of us.

Yes I am really easy to get turned on and it is what really seems to be a problem, at least when in a public place. I really don’t know how to handle this, I wish there were a way to know with utter certainty that I could safely provide you with the same pleasure you have provided me.

Well I guess I will have to be mindful and respectful of your boundaries and abide by them. Your rules are certainly acceptable. I know that sex shouldn’t be a big deal, unfortunately I get horny from time to time…who am I kidding, I’m always horny.

I’m a walking always interested in play and sex in no particular order. Is this too much? I don’t want to be too eager or to ask too much. Sigh, it’s like unleashing my inner nympho to sensually touch me regardless of where or when and it’s quite possible that we will find a happy middle ground or ground rules that make things balanced.

The best of both worlds with all parties satisfied might be a good medium.