The eager sub

There is a general distaste for eager subs. Yes I know this personally, and have been accused of being over eager lately and too much apparently.

Why wouldn’t I be eager to be with my Mistress? My social circle is small here, being cast out like trash is heartbreaking. Still willing to cook and clean and whatever else she needs. It doesn’t feel like eagerness but I guess wanting what one doesn’t have anymore as someone who is eager to serve shouldn’t be turned down but rather embraced as part of what is offered in exchange for what is received.

Sex isn’t everything, but when it’s used as a weapon against a person because they would rather not try again after one failure on your part it’s saying that you don’t understand everything. When your voice can get me rock hard it should indicate that there is more than just being eager to please you.

Yeah during our break I both found a new Domme and then lost her in a matter of a few short months. I carry that pain with me always, just as I carry who I fell for from the first time we talked, the pain of loosing you both times. You are irreplaceable, I don’t want a friend with benefits replacement, or a Domme who doesn’t know me, who hasn’t been with me for so much.

I am looking because I can’t stand the thought that I am unworthy of someone, a friend I can trust with my darkest secrets a partner to conquer the world with. Yeah I know that you encourage me to do me but I’m stuck, because I know that doing me isn’t what I want to do. I want to help you do you. I told you that I may be looking but it is because if I don’t look I won’t find anything. If you want me back there are things that we will have to negotiate. I don’t think you will call me back anytime soon but you let go so I will try to let go.


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