Doing me

I keep getting told you do you…what does that even mean? I guess it could tie in with solo polyamory just focusing on my relationship with myself but really that seems like excluding others from the fun. I don’t think that is going to happen though.

I have love for others that I would like to share me with. Would it still be solo if it means I don’t live with them? I guess by popular definition it does. Do I have any partners right now? No, but I’m hopeful that I may. It doesn’t change who I am just shifts my thinking about what is permitted.

Will this fill the void I’ve been experiencing for a few days as life has gone flip flop on me and stabilize my feelings about it? I sure hope the fuck it does but my defined what I want is in conflict with this at least on face value.

Too soon to tell but as the new year approaches I guess starting off open to growth as a person is a good idea as far as I can see.