Happy new years

Woot😈 finally made it home to my cave, plugged in at 6:16 when I finally got in and undressed. Never thought that a few hours waiting for the bus would feel like a short time. The 4 hrs riding around trying to get back really seemed like unfortunate consequences of an inadequate transit system. The posted times for buses were not kept for pickup at any of the stops and rather than being able to get to the train before it shut down drivers gave wrong information.

Not the best first transit trip of January and on the first no less. The saving grace was the party I was invited to at -HH- and the friends I surrounded myself with, the people I danced with and realizing that I was approaching a D/s relationship wrong. Flowing with it is safer for me in any case.

It’s still not resolved but there is plenty to discuss today, later after sleep if I get any. Hope that it didn’t turn out as bad for the new bed as what I fear. Well I guess it’s a newish day so good morning.