Nothing else matters

I know that things have ended and so I am left with choices to make. No longer do I have a Dominant guiding, no longer am I as trusting as I was and I just need to choose what to do next. Danielle always said that I make terrible life choices both on who I choose for friends and where to live. I can’t argue with that, she proved her point with deciding to move for her, to be her friend and lover.

The choices I have now are do I pursue looking for a new partner? Do I move again or do I look for multiple partners so that if one turns out to be less than good for me I can cut them from my life? The multiple partners really holds some benefit to my way of thinking right now but I don’t want to make the mistake that she did…overextending myself to the detriment of the relationships.

If I just look for one partner, one love I know that there isn’t a certainty that everything will be fine with only one but it would mean I could focus on pleasing one. I know that is always what I was taught growing up but I have much love to share. That is where the complication comes in, both deciding and then looking.

I am looking for several things in my next partner, and I have posted in the past what I am looking for in a partner. I need someone who is willing to hit me, can tell me to do stuff that needs to be done. Basically I need a dominant be it woman or man, someone who will use me for sex, pleasure and many more things. Most of all I need love, and the dynamic that kinky life and love bring out in people.

Below is a list of what I am looking for with a partner(s)

• an actual dynamic
• a D/s relationship

I know that on face value it doesn’t appear too difficult to find a partner like what I’ve listed but time and time again I’ve gone looking and come up with ashes in my mouth. Nothing in life is simple so it is not really surprising that I have been struggling with finding someone who fits just right. That’s okay though. If life were easy we would have it all planned out for us like playing Final Fantasy 7 or 10. There was always a clear path and objective in those games but the game of life doesn’t come with cheats or guides. All we have is our wits and determination to find our way.

If you are reading this and thinking that you may be interested in pursuing a relationship with me please do reach out. If you are on Fetlife its easy to get in touch. Just PM me. I need a local relationship, not something spread out in between countries, ocean or borders. I live in Vancouver, or a part of it so yes I am interested in finding someone else who wants to experience the wilder side of life.