Well I have had a few conversations today with new people who have come to me, some old aquaintences and I am left wondering, is it a true person who has approached me with truth on their lips or is this person being as deceitful as what appears to be on their profile? One friend says that they believe that they’re a findomme and that is entirely possible.

The trouble with meeting new people is that if they lie about one thing how do you know if they are telling you the truth in anything else? Instead of doing anything rash I laid out my own ground rules for anything to happen. Meet me for coffee, heck I’ll even buy it for you but meeting me before anything to establish that they are in fact real is really important.

I realize that I may have been overly cautious but after being scammed once I really don’t like being scammed. It’s not that I am scared to put my money where my mouth is but when someone asks me for a tribute which really is not something that I feel comfortable with but given that they are the only one thus far who has responded to my adds I am seeing if they’re actually who they say they are.

Time will tell.