To me a promise is a sacred thing to ensure it is kept. I have promised several things to the woman I love and today I promised another thing.

A year and more ago I promise you that I will come when you ask me to. Several times I have done so.

I also promised that I will never again consume hard drugs. That one was challenged today with an offer by another, but I always keep my promises.

Earlier today I made another promise, to never knowingly publish something told to me by her in private or post about it anywhere.

I betrayed your trust and I promise never to do so again.

I am sorry my Gaurdian Angel that I let both you and your primary down.

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  1. No one may ever understand how much I feel like a shithead right now because of what I did. It means that I need to fix myself and what I know to be acceptable.

    To remember to keep people’s trust if it is given and that private is supposed to remain private.


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