My Gaurdian Angel

Thank-you for being steadfast and holding true to being who you are. This is why I hold you in such high regard.

Yes I questioned your decisions. It seems like you have always been right. That’s what seems to always make me feel small. I know that you are right.

We have known one another for a longer time than most of my acquaintances since waking up from my coma and for every answer to my questions when examining them I get a true answer.

When I said that Deb had been my only true Mistress I believe that I had spoken true, because my Gaurdian Angel was not a Mistress but rather is a true friend. Confidant and not just a label but rather a person.

You are my Gaurdian Angel because you exude what she did not. You know yourself, have a clear head and don’t have a life threatening illness. You are Domly regardless of what life throws at you.

I envy your certainty in yourself. You speak truth when we discuss things. Well reasoned and right in whatever situation I am in. You are right about the show you pointed me at, it is dark and emotionally I am a mess of fears sometimes and you have protected me several times from making mistakes, helped me become a better me.

Thank you ma’am.


  1. To hurt the one who saved you, emotionally or otherwise because you don’t feel like you are enough, is hard. But to know he or she is giving you a chance to show the real you, is a gift. Hang in there, you can weather the storm.

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