Building up

What people need most is love and sometimes it’s our loved ones who are the ones who can hurt us the most and do hurt us. I’d love to build this person back up after the damage I did.

I don’t know if I can, but I’d rather try then ignore that I did. I have taken steps to try to fix it but retracing what I said and saying that I was untruthful about it doesn’t seem to have returned any of the confidence they had. I believe in them. I know that they can find it again.

Many of us have insecurities, fears and just like in 13 reasons why, I did what was done on the show. I was cruel and hurt and angry, and it was completely uncalled for. I shattered trust, I betrayed it and it was like a torrent the stuff that came out. I kept all the promises I made though. I always do. I just hope that it helps.

How do I show the love I have for them? Sometimes I think I have showed them, and sometimes it feels like what I’ve said doesn’t help.