Reset button

Is it really possible to hit the reset button on your life? Work on becoming a better you, a different you? I’ve tried to reset it all. Maybe this new city is the chance to do so but resetting after the mistake I made is hard.

Time heals right? The new city is a chance to reset from the Kelowna mess after my Mistress had died. Yes I responded to the call to come home to my Gaurdian Angel. It got turned into a mess again so I will change and become a better version of myself.

Everyone deserves a chance to become a better version of themselves. I hope that I am accepted for this better version when I get there. Time will heal. Maybe not everything but what happened with the one who died. Nella will help me as will Kubo and Penny. Most of all Penny because he was given out of love and is with me in my arms right now.

Thank you MGA