Fact, not so fun

Everyone has wet the bed before

It’s not something that a person should be ashamed of. Hell when I was trying to get my meds right growing up it was something that happened more than once, even after I was married I have wet the bed at least two times because my body was telling me that I needed to do something and it didn’t give me time to get to the washroom which was right next to the bedroom.

We all make mistakes.

I made a mistake, several in fact. I mentioned it in something I wrote, and then I used names rather than just an initial to indicate who or a indicator of who had. The fact that I mentioned it at all was a mistake.

I have apologized to all parties involved

Sometimes a person wants to hear an apology and sometimes they just don’t want to deal with the person anymore. Does not wanting to talk about it help? Maybe not. Does writing about it help? Hopefully, I own up to my mistakes. They are many and I have done what I can for now. Only time will tell.