Being owned v2

It has been a while since I last spent time with you, my Gaurdian Angel but I am still bound to you by your claim and marking on me. I am loyal even though I’ve looked for possible other partners but you reminded me that it will be time to fix what was broken. There is no reason for other partners.

There is reason for a deep dive on the relationship workings though. N continues to be upset about me and really I’m not expecting anything else out of him but with luck in another month or so he will forget about me. I truly hope he just gives up his anger soon.

It’s not that I abandoned anything, I recognize that my blocking both of my partners I severed our relationships unintentionally, accidentally and I was hurting. Still do daily but I still love both of you. When I am allowed back I am ok with returning with respect and supporting the relationship. Every way I can.

Being owned is being part of a whole, not seperate, interconnected and needing to love all in the relationship. Not seperately but as a whole.