Snow day

I thought it fitting to have some music to prelude the post today. I am still committed to being loyal to my owner and I try to show it daily.

yours MGA

Yes that is a cage and those are nipple rings joined by a set of three chains. If it weren’t as cold outside as it is today I could almost say that the outfit as it is would almost not get me arrested for walking out as I was when I showed her this morning I’d be comfortable walking around in public like I am in the picture.

Yeah I know that my kink may not be your kink and protecting vanilla eyes to avoid situations is best so yeah I know it really would be situationally ok. Maybe at shadows but not to roam free. So I did put pants on to shovel snow today, got the mail and am surprised by the lack of ambition of lower mainlanders to clear the snow away. Almost like they know it will melt if left till it warms up. Nothing is certain, we could be just beginning to experience a new ice age…