Today I am feeling a deep desire to play, to get my kinky bottoming in and get hit and whipped and for the right person maybe submit if the stars align and things just come together in a magnificent way but I know that today will not be possible without something changing. I have low hopes that this will come to pass and if I am going to be completely honest I know that I can wait another week for the chance to attend Shadows but it is hard to wait when I have been without for as long as it has been.

I am used to attending private parties sometimes more than one a week when I lived in Kelowna and so this move is taking a toll on me to mentally resist the urge to jump at any offering. Are there chances I haven’t heard of that I have not heard because I made that quite public mistake and drama around the first? Maybe and maybe not. I hope that next week I will have the chance to attend and hopefully get it out of my system again.

I really am not usually picky about who I allow to hit me and so with new players and never having playing with this community I hope that I will be accepted for who I am as I am and allowed to enjoy their company as I did on New Years Eve.