Not all thoughts discussed…

Not all thoughts are easily done or possibly done now after bruised feelings are repaired. Dominant little and sub little along with terribly bruised primary/daddy are not a blended drink easily sipped drink or even able to come to a new negotiation table this early in the day and so I must allow the angry daddy to cool off and hope that he will soothe and heal.

If and only if the primary and dominant can recover from the bruises can the discussion move forward. Tomorrow isn’t just around the corner right now and cocooning everyone may be a good plan but unrealistic idea. Breathing room there is and where it goes I don’t know but today we’re all alive and until the jaborwoky is slain there is no futerwacking.

There is always more to it than an idea discussed and more feelings involved then the surface ones no rescue for the one outside of the innermost circle and a shattered teapot doesn’t necessarily evoke trust.