New day new friend and new goal

When someone reminded today of a love for the open road and freedom of riding a motorcycle I really hadn’t given it much thought. The open air and relaxing thrum of the bike below me has always been a dream that seemed to be just too far away but if we don’t chase our dreams we grow old and accomplish nothing fun.

With a clear head I plan on getting a job, and getting over the need for a class 6 licence and getting a motor bike. No it’s not that ambitious a goal but it’s a good one. Something that I’ve had for 20+ years and partners say no, and I’m done with listening to naysayers.

I’m actually looking forward to doing a cross country tour on my own bike to visit friends and family and make new friends but this is going to be a long goal, it may be another year before I have what I need but goals are good to have. Freedom is worth working for.