Life in an M/s relationship as imagined

So as I think about what I would envision in a M/s relationship I am reminded of some of what my past relationships have been like, most recently the chauffeur live in pet/whipping boy status I used to live in. Doing chores and being told what to wear, how to park. Doing it her way because it is the way to do it and then left to just do whatever with the rest of my time.

No it wasn’t a defined M/s relationship rather one that developed naturally as she explained her expectations of me while under her roof. This was my only brush with a M/s relationship I’ve had but if it would have continued as it was I’m pretty confident that it would have eventually turned into being a fucktoy as well as whipping boy, cuckold and eventually just used up.

Sure there may be wiggle room in a M/s relationship but experience tells me that the only two choices available to a slave are to one accept the rules and what is chosen for the slave or to leave. When I was given a choice to stay or leave I left because it was the right decision to make and it was clear that the one I describe wasn’t healthy or what I had agreed to before the move and after the move either. Everything was done with the best of intentions in mind I am certain, it was just a question if the other person was trustworthy or not.

Are all your relationships as you imagined them in the beginning the same for you now after time has passed? Mine rarely have stayed the same, many have evolved into something new and different from the starting point.

As illustrated in the above picture that is the beginning and end of how I see an M/s relationship. Yes there may be cotton candy and whips and snuggles involved along the way but in the end its up to their choice how you are being treated/used/valued. I hope that you are being treated well.