The problem submissive’s have

Over the last few days I’ve realized what I’ve always had as a submissive. How to serve as a Domme desires? It’s even more difficult when desires are not expressed it’s hard to know what to do.

Communication communication communication. When all else fails let the sub know what is desired. OFC that means the sub needs to have a relationship to have use of the desires but yes that is the problem.

People are fallible so it’s not something that any should be unfamiliar with but when searching for answers often subs look desperately for a reason to continue as they are. I have gone through this and am still searching for the answers but someday I’ll find them, if MGA steps back in to my life or not I will continue watching for the one who can provide me with the answers. Until then thank you MGA for watching out for me.


  1. The submissive also needs to be receptive to those desires when they’re communicated. Sometimes communication only works so well when the other half isn’t listening.


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