Didn’t get the memo

Yeah I know that’s really an excuse for not reading what you agreed to do as if for a job. Committing to doing what you say that yes you committed to doing this but now it wasn’t agreed to? From a submissive standpoint it is disheartening, the trust in your dominant (names are not being pointed as this isn’t directed at a criticism of any dominant today) should be solid and from their standpoint not “getting the memo” as a submissive you should be ashamed that you said you would do this thing and don’t remember because it’s easier.

I don’t know about the rest of you kinky fuckers but I put a lot of stock in doing what I say I will. Promises are just an example of how I view what I say. If I said I would do this and promised I will then its good as gold. As I demonstrated to my best friend when I did what I promised several times. Doing what you say you will is huge in our community and I challenge all of you to be someone who is true to what you say. It’s easy, just follow through on what you said you would. Just don’t lose the memo.

When I was little I used to think I could get away with half truths and omissions because it was only my word that would get me in trouble…my parents definitely didn’t ever see it that way. Some of the early life lessons stick with you. Truth and honesty, say what you mean and do what you said that you would do. It is way easier to do what you said you would and takes more energy to avoid doing what you said.

Yes this post is in answer to a conversation that I have had many times with friends both past and present. Does knowing yourself make it easier to be true to your word? Do you really know who you are as a person? Do you want to know you?

Don’t be this guy…it’s not healthy