It takes a little bit of forethought

Possible trigger warning…So I know this is me just rambling because I do from time to time and it’s mostly just to get my thoughts out of my head. Take this with a grain of salt please.

So after a discussion about something today I did something that I should have thought more about before I said what I did. I knew that what I said had potential to hurt and as much as I wish I had held back and talked to the person involved and requested that they tell the other person instead of it coming from me but that little bit of forethought was missing and it meant that I had actually done something that I believe I shouldn’t have done the way I did it.

I encourage you to think first before doing stuff that could have consequences. It is a poor man who doesn’t question if what they do was right or wrong and examine the actions afterwards because sometimes it’s better to think about what you potentially could do to someone else with words.