Dragons and Unicorns oh my!

Warning I am not referring to the ones with horns, tails, wings and no they aren’t magical.

The BDSM and kink community refer to these perhaps mythical creatures with reverence and are highly sought after. Yes mostly in the poly parts of the community but there is a reason for this. Male pansexuals or bisexuals who poly are generally referred to as Dragons, while the female variety are referred to as Unicorns. Yes they do exist.

They roam around and participate in many of the same things your typical partner would in a monogamous situation and are really hard to find, or at least the right one for your polycule. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you they are perfect because really no one is perfect.

If you do find a dragon or unicorn do yourself a favor and give them friendship or a hug because chances are they could use one as much as you could. I hear a lot of them enjoy coffee.

Happy hunting ;c)