Good Morning Vancouver

Yeah I know it’s not really where most of you reading this are probably living somewhere else but hey, gotta pick at least one place with that kind of title. I hate dating dating. There is always uncertainty and questions and do you think it gets easier when you get older? Probably not. Today I am thinking about taking down all my adds and closing my dating accounts.

Do I still want to find a partner to share my life with? Sure do, but the idea I am going to find another gem in a pile of gravel while trolling around dating sites for someone seems like I am doing it wrong. Seems like I should stop, take a breath and wait. Maybe she is just around the corner and letting me stew a bit more, and while I can appreciate waiting sometimes I just want to continue full speed, and I know MGA would tell me just relax and be patient so I will be.

Has the damage done been healed from what I did January first? Oh hardly but hurt and changes because of lessons learned provide clarity as to what is important and what isn’t this morning. I still have hope that MGA will accept my submission once more.

Sex really isn’t the important part of the relationship, it was just fog for concerns. A D/s or M/s relationship is supposed to be about pleasuring your D type partner. Be it through tasks or sex or even just being someone to talk with and I hope that this chance won’t pass me by again. Thankfully both of us have been working on relationship stuff.

I am still Yours MGA, until I die I will feel the connection and will remember and keep the promises made because Yours ma’am.