First steps

Today was a good day, I got a chance to hold My Gaurdian Angel for a time. Not nearly long enough but something that warmed my heart to know that the feelings are still there and while I know that I’ve a long road to make up for all of the mishaps I’m responsible for along the way I have hope for the future between us.

I know that I am far from perfect but I guess no one is. Today I attended the Maple Ridge munch and as the first munch I’ve been to in the lower mainland I was a little surprised that it appears that there could have been a little bit more room. It was good food though and good conversation.

I do want to stay in a relationship with MGA. It’s just doing what she needs for me to be ready to return. At least primary didn’t say a thing to me nor did the other one. It was both strange and unsettling although I suspect it was because of what she told them. I don’t have anything against either other than they aren’t me which is probably a good thing.

I hope for a day where I am accepted back by primary, he is an ok guy but sensitive.


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