Punishment 😟

When Mistress Deb (@Red_devil2019) was still alive I broke a rule. We had an open relationship but she had a rule that I broke. It was that to interact sexually with anyone else which includes kissing, that I had to ask permission from both parties.

I didn’t ask permission from either Mistress Deb or the woman I kissed. It was a rule broken which was swiftly punished. The next afternoon she had me set up the stockade.

Locks neck, wrists and ankles

She locked me in and selected my crop and began to get to work. Hit after hit for two hours she continued to reinforce her displeasure about what I had done.

When she finished with the crop she let me out. We talked about the punishment, (I was floating in subspace) when she told me that the next day we were continuing the punishment at the dungeon.

When we got there all 4 Dommes took turns hitting me with wooden spoons. The punishment tool of my childhood. Regression while being punished was scary. I felt so small and I was a well punished sub.

Mistress Deb provided aftercare. So I received cuddles and a joint. Water and a snack.

Breaking rules is not a good way to get attention as a sub. Before the punishment both times I appologized for my rule breaking. Still had bruises for 2 days.

While I normally enjoy impact play, none of it was play and it really reinforced the importance of following rules given by the one whom I had given my submission, my mind, and body.

My Gaurdian Angel still has my soul from the first time I had given her my submission. She still has my heart too. I love you Angel πŸ’“πŸΎ